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my secret friend

oh, take me to the river

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"It's all lies, darling."

baekhyun and eyeliner otp, baekhyun's fingers, baekyeol bffs, baozi gege, being a harsh critic, chanyeol and scarf otp, chen's biting habit, dancing, dragon and phoenix, drawing, exo, golden trio ot3, graphic design, happy virus, html coding, jonghyun's puppy, jongin not kai, jongkey, k-pop, kaixing, key's hair, kris and his eyebrows, kris is a bicycle, krishan, krisyeol, krixing, kyungsoo's face, locket, luxing, photoshop, pixie prince, predebut!chanyeol, sehan, sehun's enthusiasm, sekai, setao, sexing, shinee in korea, singing, suho's smile, tao and his wushu, taoris, the star-crossed lovers, tumblin', tweeting, twin tower otp, writing, xiuchen, yin yang, yixing's dimples

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